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Parking Citations

The Adjudication Office offers administrative hearings to individuals wanting to contest civil parking citations and to individuals whose vehicles have been towed.  Each citation has an administrative hearing date printed on it. Prior to the close of business on this date, you may contest your citation. 

Recently issued parking tickets may not be immediately available for online payment. If your ticket number is not on file, or you have questions, please contact the Dallas Customer Service Center toll-free at 866-247-1951

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To contest your citation without appearing in person: 

You may request adjudication of the citation by either,(1) requesting a virtual hearing using the request form on this page; (2) sending a letter to the City of Dallas, PO Box 650302, Dallas, TX 75265-0302; (3) faxing your request to 214- 824-2598; or, (4) emailing your request to

  • Your written request must state why you are contesting the citation. It must include your ticket # or license plate # with the State of issuance.
  • The request must be submitted on or before the administrative hearing date on the parking citation. The postmark date will be honored.
  • Provide any proof supporting your defense and a return mailing address. 
  • Upon receipt of your request, your citation will be placed in a holding status until a decision is made by the Hearing Officer.
  • Upon completion of the review, a letter with the decision will be mailed to you. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for the Hearing Officer’s decision.
  • The Virtual Hearing form must be completed and emailed to on or before the administrative hearing date on the parking citation. (click here) Virtual Hearing Form

To contest your citation in person: 

You may appear in-person, on or before the administrative hearing date printed on your citation, during the hours of 8:30 a.m. through 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). The hearing will be held at:

Parking Adjudication Office 

Oak Cliff Municipal Center

320 E. Jefferson, Room 216

Dallas, Texas 75203


The process usually takes about 30 to 40 minutes and normally requires only one visit.


If you are not satisfied with the results of your adjudication hearing, you may appeal, in person, to the Dallas Municipal Court within 30 calendar days after the date the Hearing Officer's order is issued (file date on the Hearing Record).

City of Dallas Municipal Court & Detention Services

2014 Main Street

Dallas, Texas 75201

City of Dallas Parking Ordinance requires completion of the two listed to file an appeal:

  • A petition to appeal form, (Click the link) CTS-FRM 639 Parking (1 page)

  • $15.00 filing fee (*refundable only if the Hearing Officer's decision is reversed)

It is strongly encouraged that you bring the documents listed below to assist in the timely processing of your appeal:

  • Copy of the Citation
  • Copy of the Hearing Record
  • Any proof supporting your defense