Court & Detention Services

Court & Detention Services

Public Notice - Building Closure CLICK HERE.

Aviso Público: Edificio Cerrado OPRIMA AQUI.

Public Notice - For citations filed on or after 3/18/20, your due date may have extended. To confirm your due date, please CLICK HERE.


Aviso  Público- Para infracciones con vencimiento de 03/18/20 o después, su fecha de vencimiento puede haberse extendido. Para confirmar su fecha de vencimiento, OPRIMA AQUI.


Resolve your Ticket

Take care of your citation within 21 days of the date you received your citation to avoid additional fines,fees and possible warrants for your arrest.


Pay Your Citation                                              Deferred Disposition & DSC (Driver Safety Course)


Contest Your Citation (Request a Trial)         Virtual Hearing Conference (Video Court)


Unable to Pay                                                    Delinquent Citations over 21 days