Court & Detention Services

​Court & Detention Services

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Jury Service: 

The Dallas Municipal Court has canceled Jury Service through September 30, 2020.

El Tribunal Municipal ha cancelado el Servicio de Jurado hasta el 30 de septiembre de 2020.


The forms below are in Adobe pdf format.​

 Contact Information Form

 Attorney Contact Information Form

 Attorney Virtual Open Court Request Form

Expunction Order - as of 2019.09.03.pdf

Expunction Petition as of 9.03.2019.pdf

Local Rules for the City of Dallas Municipal Court

Driving Safety Course Application

Deferred Disposition Application

Driving Record Request

Indigency Affidavit

Request for Court Records

Off-Docket Plea Waiver

Surety Bond Barcode Judicial Order

Surety Bond
For Surety Bond's enter the Citation number and print the pdf document.
(NOTE: at this time, please use Internet Explorer to enter and print the pdf bond form.)

Example (C12-123456-12)

For arrested defendants only

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