Court & Detention Services

​Court & Detention Services

Public Notice - Building Closure CLICK HERE.

Aviso Público: Edificio Cerrado OPRIMA AQUI.

Public Notice - For citations filed on or after 3/18/20, your due date may have extended. To confirm your due date, please CLICK HERE.

Aviso  Público- Para infracciones con vencimiento de 03/18/20 o después, su fecha de vencimiento puede haberse extendido. Para confirmar su fecha de vencimiento, OPRIMA AQUI.

Municipal Court Fine​s List

Fine Amounts are subject to change without notice.  Call 214-670-0109 or e-mail us at​ to confirm you're fine/fee amount and for offenses not listed. All fine/fee amounts are subject to change without notice. Failure to resolve your citation may prevent you from registering your motor vehicle and renewing your driver´s license. Additionally, a $50 delinquent fee would be added. There may also be a $10 Omni fee and a 30% collection service fee added to the total cost.