Dallas Animal Services

Southern Dallas C.A.R.E. Program


​Dallas Animal Service’s Southern Dallas C.A.R.E. Program uses innovative strategies and fresh approaches designed to extend the reach of animal services, providing education and resources to under-served areas.

Addressing the critical need for accessible, affordable pet care, our program helps animals by combining empowerment with enforcement.

For more information, contact Senester King at senester.king@dallascityhall.com.

Southern Dallas C.A.R.E. Program:

  • Helps pets by empowering the people who love them
  • Brings resources to families with pets in need
  • Provides education to under-served communities
  • Builds relationships between residents and Animal Care Services
  • Creates resources to help pet owner stay in compliance with local laws
  • Provides long-term solutions for pet owners
  • Addresses the need for affordable, accessible pet care
  • Preserves existing private/public partnerships and encourages new ones