The Communications and Recruiting Bureau of the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department is headed by Assistant Chief Frank McKinley. He manages both the Communications Division and Recruiting Section within the bureau. The Communications Division is the initiation point for emergency information flow and this serves as a solid foundation on which the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department strongly depends for timely and efficient response. This division serves a role in almost all aspects of the department’s operations from dispatching resources to assisting in mitigation of reported incidents through interagency communication and finally, to maintenance of incident records. Fire Dispatch is considered the focal point of the Communications Division with Computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and many technology hardware and software systems relied upon to seamlessly handle and process 911 calls while dispatching emergency fleet units to mitigate hazards. The Communications Division also coordinates with the City of Dallas IT personnel to support the computer systems hardware and software needs of the fire department.  The Recruiting Section is led by a team of officers who carefully screen candidates for employment as these individuals are entrusted to support the citizens of Dallas during their time of need.  Please click on the Recruiting link for more information regarding the steps for employment.  

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