The Financial Services is under the direction of Assistant Director Wanda Moreland, and includes oversight of the departmental budget, accounts payable, procurement, citywide agenda, and contract management.

The primary responsibility of the Financial Services is to ensure that the department operates in a fiscally responsible manner, which includes following the proscribed policy guidelines as set forth in the City's Annual Budget. Financial Services also provides direction and oversight over the department's internal controls, administrative actions, miscellaneous agreements, and grants management, including task force grants and other reimbursements. Other components include ensuring that all divisions adhere to citywide procurement and accounting policies, while simultaneously supporting them to achieve operational goals.

Financial Services provides direct financial and executive/managerial support to the department, and liaisons with the City Manager's Office, City Attorney's office, citywide staff, and external agencies to meet short and long-term financial goals as established by the City and the Department, which includes planning and execution of the citywide agenda process.

Also, Financial Services is accountable for providing leadership, direction, and oversight of the department's contract management processes. This includes the EMS Billing, Fire Services Billing, and Internal Review Organization, along with development of proposal specifications for new contracts and services.

Account & Bill Payment

Billing information for EMS, accident, fire prevention, hazmat and special collections.

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