The Financial and Personnel Support Bureau is under the direction of Assistant Director Wanda Moreland and includes oversight of the departmental budget, revenue collection, council agendas, accounts payable, procurement, contract management, human resources, EEOC, and payroll processing.

The primary responsibility of the Financial Services Division is to help ensure that the department operates in a fiscally responsible manner. The Financial Services Division provides direction and oversight over the department's budget development and monitoring, internal controls, administrative actions, miscellaneous agreements, grants management along with other reimbursements, and revenue collection for EMS billing, fire prevention, and inspections. Other components include ensuring that all departmental divisions adhere to citywide procurement and accounting policies, while simultaneously supporting them to achieve operational goals.  Financial Services Division is also accountable for providing leadership, direction, and oversight of the department's contract management processes. This includes the development of proposal specifications for new contracts and services. Financial Services Division provides financial training and direct executive/managerial support to the department, and liaisons with the City Manager's Office, City Attorney's Office, citywide staff, and external agencies to plan and execute short and long-term financial goals which includes the council agenda process for the department.

The primary responsibility of the Personnel Support Division is to provide Human Resources (HR) services for the department while ensuring compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines.  The Personnel Support Division provides Family Medical Leave (FMLA) coordination, facilitation of hiring and exit interviews, coordination of Language Skills Testing, background checks, responding to HR related Open Records Requests, EEOC and HR related training and compliance audits, disciplinary hearing process review, and employee performance issues resolutions.  The Personnel Support Division is also responsible for the payroll processing for the department.  This includes payroll processing for both civilian and uniform pay periods.  The payroll section provides direct customer service support to all department employees through our payroll email mailbox. The Personnel Support Division provides Workday Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) support and direct executive/managerial HR support to the department and liaisons with the City Attorney's Office, City Controller Office, Civil Service Department, City's Human Resources Department, and the City's Workday HRIS team to achieve timely employee payrolls and equal employment opportunities. 

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