Office of Homeless Solutions

Homeless Services

The answer to homelessness is a home.

Homeless services are direct services provided to persons experiencing homelessness. These services aim to improve the health and safety of the target population by identification of at-risk or homeless individuals and families as well as the provision of shelter and resources. Additionally, these services aim to reduce the negative impacts of homelessness on communities and businesses in the City of Dallas by creating clean and safe environments. Homeless services include:

  • Outreach and Advocacy
  • Site Resolution
  • Client Resource Management


Supportive Services & Referral Sheet

Crisis Resource-Referral Sheet.pdf

311 Services

To report non emergency issues related to homelessness access or call (214) 670-3111.

Homeless Services Contact

Homeless Services Management
​Contact Information
​Winford Cross, Homeless Services Supervisor - South
​Phone: 214.671.4006
Mario Evans, Homeless Services Surpervisor - North
​Phone: 214.671.2824