Office of Homeless Solutions

Office of Homeless Solutions

The answer to homelessness is a home.

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About Us

The Office of Homeless Solutions was officially established October 1, 2017, consolidating formerly fragmented services of Street Outreach, Community Mobilization and Contract Administration into one functioning office.  The Office of Homeless Solutions is designed to prevent and intervene in homelessness by combating the complexity of homelessness with innovative and effective solutions. Additionally, the Office is intended to promote collaborative efforts of private and public partners, ultimately solidifying a diverse resource portfolio to adequately address homelessness.


To positively impact quality of life in the City of Dallas through innovative, collaborative, and comprehensive solutions for homelessness.

Key Priorities

The key priorities of OHS establish governance, guide resource allocation and decision making, measure successful outcomes, and facilitate system-level changes to meet the comprehensive needs of the homeless system ultimately improving the quality of life in the City of Dallas. 

Prevent Homelessness

Prevention efforts must include identification of at risk populations and targeted solutions that are sensitive to the special needs of those at risk.

Protect Persons
In alignment with the MDHA’s beliefs, this plan will explore dynamic approaches to end homelessness while protecting that population by employing innovative, low barrier, person-centered, measurable, and high-quality services through the homeless response system.

Housing Solutions
The consistent inadequate supply of affordable housing must be considered when addressing homelessness. Similarly, equipping individuals and families with the necessary tools to be successful at obtaining and maintaining a residence is essential to creating stability and sustainability. Creative housing solutions are critical to success. 

Partner To 
The state of homelessness in Dallas requires a comprehensive, coordinated, and system-led response to prevent homelessness while simultaneously, and compassionately, protecting and stabilizing individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness. Incorporating a centralized approach to strategic and efficient interventions can ensure that homelessness in the City of Dallas is a infrequent, transitory, and non-recurrent. 


The Office of Homeless Solutions (OHS) operates through four distinct divisions that provide direct and contracted services which encourage intentionality of the department through maximizing impact and effectiveness while delivering positive outcomes. These areas are the infrastructure of the department which strengthen the efficiency and impact of the approach.

Executive Leadership:

​Monica Hardman
Managing Director
Phone: 214.671.0062
Latrisce Johnson
Executive Assistant
Phone: 214.670.5220

Homeless Response System​
The City of Dallas is an essential partner of the homeless response system, which is composed of several stakeholders working to prevent and end homelessness in and around Dallas. OHS is committed to serving as a convener, collaborator, and investor in the response system. We are intentional in allocating resources and funding to coordinated strategies with measurable outcomes across systems impacting homelessness.

​Elizzebeth Loomis
  Interim Program Administrator
             Phone: 214.671.5180

​​Operations and Performance Managament
The Operations and Performance Division develops and manages innovative solutions to address homelessness in the City of Dallas.  Through operational and financial services, performance management, and contract administration, this division encourages data-driven decision making to maximize impact and effectiveness while addressing homelessness.  These efforts ensure alignment with departmental and City objectives and strategic priorities. 

​Twana Banks
 Operations and Performance Manager
Phone: 214.670.4502 

Community and External Partnerships​

Community and External Partnerships Division collaborates with city departments, nonprofit organizations, and private developers to create strategic partnerships and leverage resources for the creation of supportive housing.

​Gloria Sandoval
Partnerships Manager
Phone: 214.670.3068
Homeless Services Division

Homeless Services Division provides  direct services to persons experiencing homelessness. These services aim to improve the health and safety of the target population by identification of at-risk or homeless individuals and families as well as the provision of shelter and resources. Additionally, these services aim to reduce the negative impacts of homelessness on communities and businesses in Dallas by creating clean and safe environments. Homeless Services include Outreach and Advocacy and Site Resolution.

Winford Cross
Homeless Services Supervisor, South Team
Phone: 214.670.4006

Mario Evans

Homeless Services Supervisor, North Team    

Phone: 214.671.2824