Office of Homeless Solutions


​ The answer to homelessness is a home.

311 Services

To report non emergency issues related to homelessness access 311 CRMS or call (214) 670-3111.

Homeless Feeding

The City of Dallas Consumer Health Division has established guidelines for citizens who desire to provide prepared meals to homeless persons in an outdoor area. Please review ordinance no. 29595 to ensure the safety of the provider, the food, and the recipients of the food. To learn more about serving or distributing food, without charge to homeless persons on public or private property please visit the Consumer Health Division Homeless Feeding webpage.

MDHA Crisis Helpline

Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance (MDHA) has opened a new toll-free helpline, which persons may call for assistance in finding shelter and housing. The Homeless Crisis Helpline is a part of the MDHA's Coordinated Access System (CAS). It helps connect persons needing help with the correct resources that match their needs.  If you require immediate assistance locating a shelter or housing please contact the MDHA  Crisis Helpline at 1 (888) 411-6802.

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