Office of Homeless Solutions

‚ÄčHomeless Solutions Strategy

Track 2: Temporary Homeless Centers

‚ÄčThe Office of Homeless Solutions recognizes the demand for shelter beds to be distibuted throughout the City of Dallas equitably and has designed Track 2 to provide shelter and support services for up to 90 days in the 4 quadrants of the city simultaneously.

Program Details:

  • Decentralize shelter beds and support services
  • Service up to 800 unsheltered (up to 50 per site) over 12 months
  • Provide direct referals
  • Focus on intense case management
  • Identify proposed sites using site selection criteria
  • Leverage private partnerships through Request for Competitive Sealed Proposals (RFCSPs)
  • Engage in public participation & Outreach
  • Develop Good Neighborhood Pledges with surrounding community