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The HIPP Application will Open Soon
Please read below for details


About HIPP

The Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization Department strengthens families and neighborhoods to cultivate a diverse and economically inclusive City by creating affordable and safe housing and mitigating community member displacement.

The Major Rehabilitation Forgivable Loan Program (Major Rehab Program) is a forgivable loan program to low-and moderate-income homeowners for the purpose of making needed repairs to preserve affordable housing. Major Rehab is designed to ensure the longevity of the home and to address health, safety, accessibility modification, reconstruction and structural/deferred maintenance deficiencies. The impact of Major Rehab will bring suitable living conditions, health and welfare and expand economic opportunities revitalizing neighborhoods. Funding for this program is provided by HUD CDBG funds (limited to assistance provided to 80% area median family income (AMFI) households or below); and potentially non-federal funds, if available, at 120% AMI households or below. The program cannot exceed $50,000.

Apply to HIPP Major Rehab

Step 1 - Learn about Program and Pre-Application 

  • Review Flyers and Documentation 
  • Attend a Virtual Meeting 
  • Gather all of your required documents   
  • Check back to this websites for updates weekly

Step 2 – Apply for HIPP 

  • Fill out the form on the website - link to be live on Opening Day 
  • Upload all the required documents 
  • Hit Submit  

Step 3 - Process the Application 

  • City Staff will contact you. Please give us time to review the applications submitted 
  • The Department can serve approximately 45 to 70 residences

Required Documents

Homeowner(s) must supply: 

  • Application form fully filled-out and submitted 
  •  Mortgage if applicable
  • Copy of property deed 


  • Must be current on mortgage payments and shall not be in default under the mortgage documents associated with the property or in default under any lien on the property.
  • Must be current and not delinquent for any tax year; unless, the Applicant has entered into a written agreement with the taxing authority outlining a payment plan for delinquent taxes and is abiding to the written agreement.
  • Priority shall be given to applicants who have not participated in any City repair, rehabilitation, or reconstruction program previously. And if the Applicant is in their affordability period under any other program, then they will be denied.
  • The home must be a detached single-family dwelling, owner-occupied, and be located within the city limits of Dallas, Texas.
  • The property must be in need of repairs designated as eligible repairs under the Major Rehab Program. The City has the authority to determine what the necessary repairs will be and when the amount exceeds the limits.

All household members must supply: 

  • Driver’s license or state identification card 
  • Birth certificate of all minor children (and permanent resident card, if applicable) 
  • Social security card 
  • One (1) months of most recent paycheck stubs (all wage earners) 
  • Two (2) years of most recent federal tax returns if self-employed
  • Current pension/annuity letter 
  • Current social security/disability award letter 
  • Other Income
  • One (1) month of most recent checking/savings bank statements, including ALL pages for each account  
  • Divorce decree or death certificate (if applicable) 
  • School registration (for children attending college & who reside in the home when not at school)  
  • Court ordered child support statement (if applicable)


Blank Application

Completing Your Application