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The HIPP Application process is CLOSED

*Staff is currently processing applications received on October 17, 2020*

About HIPP

The Department of Housing & Neighborhood Revitalization strengthens families and neighborhoods to cultivate a diverse and economically inclusive City by creating and preserving safe, affordable housing and mitigating community member displacement.  HIPP offers two programs: Major Rehab and Housing Reconstruction. For more information please download the program information in English or in Spanish. 

Major Rehabilitation Program 

The level of assistance for the Rehabilitation Program is limited to the amount required to address the rehabilitation work scope as defined by the city. This involves a low-cost, forgivable loan to the homeowner that won't exceed the maximum allowable funding level of $50,000. 

Housing Reconstruction Program 

Housing Reconstruction Program provides the homeowner with a new home on their current property and assistance is provided in the form of a loan. The homeowner must certify annually the home is not for sale and is their primary residence until the loan is repaid to the city in full. Applicant must also correct all code violations that exist on the property. This program is by referral only by city staff, and has a maximum allowable funding level of $160,000.00. 


*Download our FAQ in English: HERE, or in Spanish: HERE 

*Download the Program Information in English: HERE, or in Spanish: HERE