Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization

Sale of Land to Non-Profit and Religious Organizations ​

​Relevant Statutes and Ordinances 

Texas Local Government Code Section 253.010

Dallas City Code Sections 2-26.4 through 2-26.14

Presentations Related to Sale of Land to Non-Profit and Religious Organizations


Below is a link to a map that displays tax-foreclosed lots that are maintained by the City of Dallas as trustee for the taxing entities and that have been placed "on hold" by the Department of Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization. Please reach out to the Department of Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization if you would like to propose purchasing one of these lots for the purpose of developing affordable housing. Currently, only non-profit organizations are eligible to purchase these lots. (Map is current as of January 11, 2019). 

HB 110 Lot List

Map of Lots 

Departmental Contact: David Drury, 214-670-4648