Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization

​​​Department of Housing & Neighborhood Revitalization​

​Frequently Asked Questions: Housing

Is this the Dallas Housing Authority?

No, you have reached the City of Dallas Housing Department. Dallas Housing Authority's telephone number is 214-951-8350 or 214-951-8330. Their address is 3939 N. Hampton Road, Dallas, Texas. They can be reached during normal business hours.

I am having trouble getting my landlord to fix my apartment (or related questions). Who can I Call?

You can contact the Housing Crisis Center at 214-828-4244, or Apartment Tenants Association at 214-823-2733. These numbers are available during business hours.

I just moved to Dallas and need a place to stay. Where can I call?
  1. If you have a temporary need for shelter you can contact the Dallas County Emergency Shelter at 214-920-7996. This is a 24 hour number.
  2. If you need assisted housing you should contact the Dallas Housing Authority at 214-951-8350 for information on vacancies and Section 8 vouchers. You can also contact the Dallas Fair Housing Office for a list of government assisted housing developments at 214-670-3247.
  3. If you need an apartment and can afford to pay standard rent, there are many apartment guides which you can get at local gas stations and convenience stores.
  4. If you need assistance in purchasing a home you can contact the Dallas Housing Department at 214-670-4840. Someone will be available to help you during business hours Monday through Friday.
Who do I contact for rental assistance?

Contact the Dallas Housing Authority at 214-951-8350 or apply at their office at 3939 N. Hampton Road.

I applied for a home improvement loan or a minor home repair grant and no one has called me back. Who can I call?

Complaints should be directed to the Director of the Housing Department at 214-670-5988.

How do you qualify for the Healthy Homes Repair Program?

The Healthy Homes Repair Program is a deferred loan program that covers up to $75,000.  Specific information on application for this program, can be obtained by contacting a Loan Service Representative at 214-670-3644.

Is the Healthy Homes Repair Program a loan or grant?

The Healthy Homes Repair Program is a deferred loan which is forgiven a percentage annually as long as the owner remains in the home.

How do you qualify for the Healthy Home Repair Assistance Program?

This program is for low income persons that own and live in their homes. Details and the application can be obtained by calling the Housing Department at 214-670-3644.

I paid off my Home Repair Loan. How do I get the lien removed from my property?

Contact the Housing Department at 214-670-4927 or 214-670-7322.

Do you have to live in the city of Dallas to qualify for Housing Department programs?
Where do I get information on foreclosures, tax liens, deeds, and homesteads?
Call the Dallas County Tax Office at 214-653-7811.
Who do I contact if I have a Neighborhood complaint?
  • cars in the yard
  • trash in the yard
  • animals that shouldn't be in residential areas
  • neighbor's trees hanging over in my yard

Contact the City of Dallas City Services by calling 3-1-1 or by using the online Request a City Service.​