Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization

Housing/Community Services Department​

​Comprehensive Homeless Outreach Program

​Candy Coblyn, Division Manager (Interim)
Homeless Assistance Services

Melva Bazan, Manager
Supportive Homeless Housing

Candi Chamber, Manager (Interim)
Project Reconnect/Ex-Offender Re-Entry

Program Overview

To serve individuals who are homeless through a continuum of care method that includes: emergency shelter, case work services, intake and assessment, transitional housing, supportive services, and job readiness placement with the goal of gaining or regaining economic self-sufficiency.

The Bridge is Dallas' new homeless resource center. It is a multipurpose facility dedicated to serving homeless men, women and children, with the primary focus being the chronically homeless.

Please visit the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance web site to learn more.

Homeless Housing Program Overview

There are three goals of the Homeless Housing Program: 

  1. Help participants obtain and remain in safe and affordable housing.
  2. Provide support services to help participants increase skill levels and/or income and to live as independently as possible.
  3. Ensure provision of supportive services to assist clients toward self-sufficiency.


Project Reconnect Overview
Project Reconnect is a comprehensive outreach program designed to provide reentry case management and community referrals to help non-violent offenders on parole transition into the Dallas community from a state or federal prison. Five (5) core components of the Project Reconnect program focus on pre and post assistance in the areas of employment, housing, education, recovery support and community service.

Internal Resources

Code Compliance provides 
Homeless Food Safety Training

Meal Provider Program Sites

Provisions for Feeding the Homeless Brochure

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 Community Council of Greater Dallas