Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization

​​​Department of Housing & Neighborhood Revitalization​

​Neighborhood Planning & Development Division

​Neighborhood Investment Program

In February 2003, the City Council approved the Neighborhood Investment Program (NIP) to focus housing/land bank, public infrastructure improvements, code enforcement, economic development and other city resources in designated target Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) neighborhoods. Program emphasis is placed on:

  1. Leveraging private development and other community investments;
  2. Facilitating sustainable neighborhood redevelopment through community partnerships and stakeholders; and
  3. Targeting city, stakeholder and other public/private resources

Currently, there are five (5) designated NIP target neighborhoods:

  1. South Dallas-Ideal and Rochester Park neighborhoods
  2. West Dallas
  3. South Dallas – Jubilee, Owenwood, Dolphin Heights & Frazier Courts neighborhoods
  4. N. Oak Cliff / Marsalis
  5. Lancaster Corridor / Cigarette Hill

Neighborhood Enhancement Program

In the February 2008, the City Council approved the Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP) as a companion to the NIP. The NEP provides funding for streetscape improvements, landscaping & neighborhood gateway initiatives, pedestrian amenities, and related architectural/engineering work. Projects are selected to maximize neighborhood impact under the NIP and are coordinated by the Housing/Community Services Department.

Community Revitalization Plans (CRP)

On December 12, 2012, the Dallas City Council approved Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) 2013 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) Community Revitalization Plans for designated Neighborhood Investment Program target areas. This designation will afford potential LIHTC projects located within NIP target areas the chance to be competitive for maximum 2013 LIHTC QAP point scoring and will also continue to leverage the city's investment in targeted low- to moderate- income NIP communities.


2014 Updated Lancaster Corridor/Cigarette Hill Community Revitalization Plan (pdf)

South Dallas - Ideal - Rochester Park

South Dallas – Greater Fair Park

Lancaster Corridor / Cigarette Hill

West Dallas (CT 101.02 only)

Approved Council Resolution 123052 approving the selection criteria that designated certain census tracts as NIP target areas for a two-year period, beginning October 1, 2003 by Resolution No. 03-0830 (please click to see the full 88 page resolution in pdf)