Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization

​Department Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization

​Dallas Housing Finance Corporation (DHFC)

On April 25, 1984, the Dallas City Council approved the creation and adopted the Articles of Incorporation of the City of Dallas Housing Finance Corporation (DHFC), a public instrumentality and nonprofit corporation. The DHFC was created for the purpose of issuing revenue bonds on behalf of the City. The bonds are to provide funds to partially finance multifamily developments and mortgage loans for the purchase of single family homes that serve low to moderate income households in Dallas. The DHFC can also purchase, lease, hold title to, and take an ownership interest in a residential development to further create and maintain housing that is safe, sanitary, accessible and affordable to the residents of Dallas.

For more information on the DHFC, contact Avis Chaisson at (214) 670-5110.​