Residential Neighborhood Empowerment Zone (NEZ) Program  


NEZ is intended to provide incentive for homeowners and landlords, through a 10- year tax abatement, to create high-quality housing for a variety of incomes.  In these zones, homeowners and landlords may qualify for development fee reimbursements and City property tax abatements if they do one of the following:

  • Spend at least $5,000 renovating their own home and have a household income at or under 120% AMI

  • Spend at least $10,000, bring their single-family or duplex rental unit up to code, and reserve it for households under 60% AMI (about $50,000 for a family of four)


  • Existing and potential homeowners in education and library occupations; healthcare occupations; and protective service occupations, including fire fighters and police officers, with a gross household income under 140% AMI, are considered eligible households for homeowner repair.

Eligible repairs may include: Roofing, HVAC, plumbing, and exterior repair


Applicants to NEZ will need the following supporting items to accompany their complete application.

    • Application form fully filled-out and submitted    
    • Property Deed or/and Affidavit of Heirship    
    • Copy of (1) month current checking/savings bank statements - ALL pages included  
    • All applicable Income-Paystubs or other:     
    • One (1) month of most recent paycheck stubs (all wage earners)  
    • Current Social Security and/or Supplemental Security Income    
    • Annuity/Pension   
    • Unemployment: Statement of Potential Benefit and Wages  
    • Court-ordered child support statement (if applicable)   
    • Additional information
      • Proof of repairs: before and after pictures, receipts, proof  
      • Birth certificate or affidavit of birth of all minor children (and permanent resident card or Certificate of Naturalization, if applicable)    
      • Divorce decree or death certificate (if applicable)   
      • School Registration (for children attending college)

 Download the NEZ Homeowner Application: CLICK HERE

Download the NEZ Landlord Application: CLICK HERE along with all required supporting information. 

If you would like to submit your application in person at City Hall, please call 214-670-3644 ahead of time.


*Download the Program Information in English or in Spanish
*Download the Frequently Asked Questions in English or Spanish