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CURRENT: Comprehensive Housing Policy (amended November 28, 2018)

Comprehensive Housing Policy (adopted May 9, 2018)

Comprehensive Housing Policy--Council Memo and Presentation (May 2, 2018)


Comprehensive Housing Policy Overview

Proposed Notice of Funding Availability (2018 Stakeholder Input Sessions)

Updates to the Policy/New Ordinances

Accessory Dwelling Units--Amends Chapters 51 and 51A of the Development Code to authorize the construction of a rentable additonal dwelling unit (i.e. accessory dwelling unit) via one of two means: (1) a neighborhood-initiated petition process that allows a neighborhood to create an Accessory Dwelling Unit overlay where ADUs would be authorized within specfic geographic boundaries or (2) a process by which the Board of Adjustment can grant a special exception to authorize an accessory dwelling unit on a specific parcel of land.  A person who seeks to construct an ADU must comply with all applicable permitting and zoning requirements. Ordinance 30930, Ordinance 30931

Parkland Dedication--Requires, with certain exceptions, persons constructing single family, duplex, multifamily residential units or a hotel/motel use to either dedicate a portion of land for use as park land or to pay a fee-in-lieu of dedication.  The ordinance also requires such persons to pay a park development fee. The ordinance states that developments that are enrolled in a program administered by the Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization Department and authorized by the City Council, that furthers the public purposes of the city's housing policy may be eligible to have some or all of the ordinance's requirements waived. Ordinance 30934

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