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*This page is no longer being updated. Click here for information about City of Dallas Employee Education Fairs and Tuition Reimbursement.

​The City of Dallas has partnered with local and national educational institutions to provide the city's employees with opportunities to further their education by earning a GED, certification, or associate'sbachelor's or master's degree in-class or on-line where available.

Click on one of the institutions below to find out more about the programs they offer City of Dallas employees.

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BISK partners with institutions to deliver exceptional online education. Bisk then builds the bridge between companies looking to upskill and retain their workforce, employees wanting to earn credentials, and universities offering exceptional online learning programs. Participating institutions include; Florida TechJacksonville University, Michigan State University, New England College, University of Notre Dame, University of South Florida, and Villanova University

To find out more information about how BISK works with these institutions,
click here.

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Have you been thinking about getting your High School Equivalency Certificate by taking the GED
The library can help you through every step of the way. 
The Dallas Public Library offers free in-person classes and online resources to help you prepare for the GED tests. 
The library operates an official GED Testing Center located at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library. 
Scholarships are available to help pay for the test. For more information click here.

City of Dallas Police Officers and Firefighters
Click HERE to see how City of Dallas Police Officers and Firefighters can receive free tuition in the state of Texas.

Contact Information

Amberton University
Glenn Sowells
972.279.6511 ext. 166
​Ana G. Méndez University
Armín Garza
469.341.7300 ext. 5303
​BISK Educational Partners 
Sharice Jessup, M.Ed.

Dallas Baptist University
Zachary Williams
Dallas Public Library

​​The University of North Texas
Skip Krueger, PhD


For more information about how the City of Dallas can help get your started on your way to enrolling, email