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​City Talent

More than 13,000 employees are dedicated to keeping the City of Dallas operating smoothly for citizens and visitors.   It is a responsibility that requires commitment, integrity and the desire to serve.   That is why the City of Dallas has a "Service First" motto.  Putting people first is more than just a saying.  For Dallas City employees, it is a personality trait.  Below, you can read why some of our employees enjoy working for the City of Dallas and how they support the City's "Service First" motto. 


Louie Scott, Jr.
Event Coordinator

I enjoy working for the City of Dallas because as an employee, I know first-hand, all the behind the scene processes involved in keeping the City functioning daily. Prior to joining the City, I only noticed what was "wrong" with the City, yet now my vision has shifted to see what is truly working within the City and that is a wonderful feeling.

When thinking about how I support the "Service First" motto, I reflect on a quote from the late Maya Angelou, "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel".  With that quote, I believe I support the "Service First" motto, by delivering a level of customer service that allows the citizen to feel, that I have their best interest at heart and that I genuinely care about their concern. With every waking day, I vow to meet each citizen with a warm smile and a helpful attitude; and to me, that's my individual support of the "Service First" motto.


Andrea Harris
Field Operations Manager II

I enjoy working for the City of Dallas because I get a high level of satisfaction from helping families throughout the community. Another advantage of working with the City has been the unparalleled experiences that have provided personal growth, developed my leadership skills, and allowed me the opportunity to work with a great group of people.  Wonderful opportunities have made my experiences richly rewarding.  They include training through City University, Lean Six Sigma, and Budgeting for Outcomes, access to experienced mentors, and experiences in seeing the way the City sets its priorities.

I have also gained better insight into the broad array of services and programs the city has to offer. My knowledge of the wide array of services provided by the City has supplemented my ability to serve others.  As an example, I often refer citizens to the West Dallas Multipurpose and Martin Luther King, Jr.  centers for help with home repairs, child care, car seats, senior services, etc.

I enjoy doing what I do because as a Women, Infants and Children (WIC) dietitian, I serve a highly diverse group of people from all over the Metroplex.  I work primarily with women and children from some of our most vulnerable communities and assist them in getting access to baby formula and other healthy foods.  I also supervise a great team of dietitians and nutritionists that provide nutritional counseling to the families we serve. 

I support the "Service First" motto by helping our participants receive the best possible service in our clinics, referring them for services that are beyond our scope of practice, and working to build rapport so that they continue to return for service year after year.  I encourage my team to do likewise and support our departmental goal of providing service using our "Power of Influence" or POI.  In other words—being influential by treating others the way we would like to be treated and leading by example.


Genevieve Eversley – MSW, LBSE-IPR, SHRM-SCP, IPMA-SCP
Manager II - General

I like working for the City of Dallas because I enjoy making a meaningful difference. One positive change that I am particularly proud of is that I developed the first Departmental Hiring Guideline for the Dallas Water Utility Department.  It was revised a few years ago to be utilized by the entire City of Dallas and it is currently in use today.  I also enjoy being part of the political and entrepreneurship of City government, along with initiatives addressing the challenges that contribute to the homeless population, environmental responsibility and other social issues. 

I support the City's "Service First" motto in several ways.  I strive to be a person of integrity—someone who is seen as ethical, decent and admirable by peers and management.  I push to strengthen team spirit using consensus and coalition building skills by enhancing collaboration among the employees and peers with whom I work.  I also support the "Service First" motto by developing rapport with a wide range of diverse constituencies, including council, city/assistant city managers, departments and citizens, as well as maintaining a clear understanding of City protocol and processes.


Angela Akins—MHA, DTM
Employee Advisory Council Manager

City Talkers Toastmasters President

As an employee, I live, work and play in the City of Dallas.  It is rewarding to know that the work that I do and facilitate daily assists employees to give their best, do their best and be their best—all to support employees in their department as they support the City of Dallas.

As a born advocate, I support the City's "Service First" motto by recognizing my internal and external customers and providing resources, recommendations and resolutions to their concerns, along with support for their successes.


Mandy Shreve
Assistant Director

I love working for the City of Dallas.  I am a native—I live here and raise my family and really care about the overall health of the City. It is a huge honor and responsibility to go to work every day and know the choices you make impact over a million people. You have the opportunity to not only make life better for the citizens of Dallas but also the employees who are providing services to our customers every day.

I support the City's "Service First" motto by always trying to put myself in the other persons shoes. There are always two sides to every story and I can typically relate to both sides and find common ground in effort to find solutions and keep things moving forward.  At the end of the day you have to know that you made the right decision based on your intuition and what is in the best interest of the majority.


Kirstie Brieger
Customer Service Agent

I enjoy working for the City of Dallas because I love to serve my community.

I support our "Service First" motto by offering outstanding professionalism, and the best possible customer service on every call that I take.


Gehan Asaad
Business Manager III

I like working for the City of Dallas because I enjoy being able to work with citizens and community groups to help strengthen ties between the city and create beneficial programs.

I support "Service First" by making sure that our goal is to always provide excellent service to all citizens by working together to provide first class service.