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Human R​esources​

​Director's Welcome

I would like to welcome you to the City of Dallas Human Resource Page. Human Resources stands committed to assist the City Manager and City Council to provide the citizens of Dallas a diverse, competent, trained, and professional workforce. We provide a variety of services for the City of Dallas diverse workforce. We do this so that employees are managed fairly, are well-trained, supported, and assigned job duties to accomplish City business goals in a cost-effective, efficient and safe manner. We provide expert assistance and information to our internal and external customers.

Department Contact Information

Virginia Haralson
Employee Relations
Brian Wisdom
Carmel Fritz
Jaquina Gilbert
​Training and Development
Joseph Benjamin
Talent Acquisition
Althea Chaderton


Vision Statement & Values

A diverse, vibrant, progressive, and engaged workforce.

Mission Statement

To attract, recruit, and hire quality individuals to be employees of the City of Dallas; and develop, motivate, reward, and recognize City of Dallas Employees. ​

Guiding Principles

A workforce that: ​

  • Reflects current and future demographic of the City of Dallas
  • Seeks to improve their skills an​d abilities
  • Embraces change and develops new ways of providing services
  • Is at work and constantly and consistently providing quality service to the citizens of Dallas