​2021 Retiree Benefits

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2021 Benefits Start on January 1, 2021

2020 has been a year of big challenges: in our city, in our state and country, and around the world. And big change gives us big opportunities as well! That's why the City of Dallas took the time to listen to your feedback about our benefits program and has made significant improvements for 2021. 

Our new benefit programs and features will empower you with choices and options, so you have more control and accountability for your benefits. You'll get to focus on needed preventive care and have the ability to become a better healthcare consumer, for yourself and your family. And, we'll all benefit from greater sustainability and efficiency in our benefit programs. 
For information regarding Retiree Open Enrollment meetings and information click on the link below.
2021 Pre65 Retiree Benefits
2021 Post65 Retiree Benefits

Retiree Waiver Form

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