Wellness Benefits

Benefit Rewards

The Benefit Rewards program is available for 2019 from September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019. Points earned during this time period will go towards your medical insurance for 2020.

75/25 HRA Plan

Earn $300 toward your HRA by completing both Start-Up Goals:

  • Online personal health assessment
  • Annual physical with biometric screening (Download the Wellness Screening Form and have it completed by your physician)

Earn a $240 Benefit Rewards Wellness credit (premium deduction) by completing 200 points worth of activities.

  •  A detailed look at activities can be found in the FAQs

 70/30 Plan

Complete both Start-Up Goals and 200 points worth of activities to earn a $240 Benefit Rewards Wellness credit (premium reduction).