Dental Benefits

The City of Dallas offers two dental plans through MetLife – Dental PPO and Dental HMO. Both plans offer valuable features to save you money on dental care. Use the link below to find our more on the dedicated MetLife City of Dallas dental website.

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Dental PPO Plan One Sheet 2020v2.png

Dental HMO Plan 2020v2.png

Please note, if you elect the MetLife Dental HMO Plan, you MUST select a dental provider to be able to use yo
ur benefits. You will not be able to see a dentist until you elect a provider. 

To locate a participating dentist and the most current  MetLife dental information visit If you are already registered you can go directly to
  • Click on “Find a Dentist”
  • Enter your ZIP Code
  • Select “Dental HMO/Managed Care” for the Network Type
  • Complete all required information (CITY OF DALLAS should be used for the plan name)
*Additional charges for initial exam ($250), removable appliance therapy and fixed appliance therapy.

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