Dental Benefits

The City of Dallas offers two dental plans through MetLife – Dental PPO and Dental HMO. Both plans offer valuable features to save you money on dental care. Use the link below to find our more on the dedicated MetLife City of Dallas dental website.

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Dental PPO Plan FeaturesDental PPO
 In-Network (% of Negotiated Fee)Out-of-Network (% of Negotiated Fee)
Calendar Year Deductibles$50$50
Annual Maximum Benefit$1,750$1,750
Orthodontia Lifetime Maximum (Per Person)$1,750$1,750
Coverage Type
Type A - Preventive* (cleanings, exams, fluoride, x-rays)100%100%
Type B - Basic Restoration (fillings, extractions, general anesthesia)80%80%
Type C - Major Restoration (crowns, dentures, bridges) * Implants not covered50%50%
Type D - Orthodontia50%50%

* Plan covers two cleanings, exams and fluoride treatments (dependent children up to age 16).

Child(ren)'s eligibility for dental coverage is from birth up to age 26.

Dental HMO Plan Features Dental HMO
Office Visit$5 per visit
Preventive Services 
Sealants$6 per tooth
Yearly cleanings (up to 4)$5 - first two*
Basic & Major Services 
Root canal$95-$225
Osseous Surgery$200
Extractions$15 - $110**
General anesthesia & nitrous oxide (when medically necessary)$0
ImplantsSee fee schedule

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