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My Community​
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​Professional Development
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Administrative Employees

​Required Learning and Development

Learning and Development requirements and frequency are listed in the chart below.  NOTE:  Your department may have additional training requirements. Consult your supervisor or department training representative.


​Topic ​e-Learning Classroom Webinar
​​Intro to Business Writing​3 yrs
E-mail Best Practices​3 yrs
​Communicating Between All Ages in the Workplace2 yrs
​Business Writing EssentialsOnce


​Topic ​e-Learning Classroom Webinar
​Enhancing Professional Developmentxx
​Interviewing Skills and Resume Writingxx
​Team Work​xx​
Diversity and Inclusion​x​x

My Community

Topic ​e-Learning ​Classroom Webinar
Environmental StewardshipOnce
Responsible Pet CareOnce
Cultural AffairsOnce
Responding to an EmergencyYearly


Topic​e-Learning Classroom Webinar
​Creative Problem Solvingx​
​Effective Decision Making​x
​Negotiation Skills​x​x
​Problem Solvingx​​x

​​Customer Service

Topic​​​e-Learning Classroom Webinar
​Managing Relationships​x
3 Rs​x
Conflict Resolutionx

Health and Wellness​ ​

Topic​​​​e-Learning Classroom Webinar
​Stress Managementx​
​Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace​x
​Avoiding Burnoutx​
​Building Resiliencyx​
​Managing Your Bossx​

Innovation and Operational Efficiency

Topic ​e-Learning Classroom Webinar
​​Creative Problem Solving​x
​Effective Decision Making​x
​Negotiation Skills​x

Pesonnel Rules and Administrative Directives

Topic ​e-Learning Classroom Webinar
​Workplace Harassment and Violence​x
​Internet and Computer​x​x