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Doing it Right​


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Team/Crew Leaders

​Catalog of Training and Development Programs


Communication ​ ​

​Topic ​e-Learning ​Instructor Lead (Classroom)
​Effective Communication for Employees​x​x
​​Business Writing​x​x
E-mail Best Practices​xx
​Communicating Between All Ages in the Workplace​x

​Career Development ​ ​

​Topic ​e-Learning ​Instructor Lead (Classroom)
Becoming a Leader: How to Prepare for a Leadership Rolex
Enhancing Professional Developmentx
Interviewing Skills and Resume Writingx​
Diversity and Inclusion​x​x
​Building Teamwork​x​x

My Community​​ ​

Topic ​e-Learning​Instructor Lead (Classroom)
​How You Can Help: Environmental Stewardshipx​​x
​How You Can Help: Responsible Pet Care​x
​How You Can Help: Cultural Affairs​x
​How You Can Help: Responding to an Emergency​x
​How You Can Help: Water Conservation​x
​How You Can Help: Neighborhood Vitalityx​
​How You Can Help: Being a Good Neighbor​x
​How You Can Help: Recycling​x
​How You Can Help: Safety and Security​x

Problem Solving​ ​

Topic​e-Learning​Instructor Lead (Classroom)
​Conflict Resolution for Employees​x​x
​Creative Problem Solvingx​
​Effective Decision Making​x
​Negotiation Skills​x​x
​Problem Solvingx​​x

Professional Development

Topic​​​e-Learning​Instructor Lead (Classroom)
​Dealing With Workplace Change​x
​Time Management for Employees​x​x
​Goal Setting​x
​Organizing and Planning for Success​x
​Mentee's  and Montor'sx
​Professional Behaviorx​
​Business Ethics​x
​Strategy and Alignment​x​x

Health and Wellness​ ​

Topic​​​​e-Learning​Instructor Lead (Classroom)
​Stress Managementx​
​Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace​x
​Avoiding Burnoutx​
​Building Resiliencyx​
​Managing Your Bossx​


Topic ​e-Learning​Instructor Lead (Classroom)
​Effective Techniques for Dynamic Training​x
​Taking Ownership​xx​
​Managing Relationships​x​x

Motivation and Engagement

Topic​e-Learning​​​Instructor Lead (Classroom)
​Working with Others to Get Things Done​x
​Teaming Building​x​x

 ​Doing it Right: Compliance and Workplace Practices

Topic​​​e-Learning​​​​Instructor Lead (Classroom)
​Workplace Harassment and Violencex​​x
​Internet and Computerx​
​Environmental Stewardshipx​​x
​Ethical Behavior​x​x
​Records Management​x​x
​Workplace Ergonomics​x​x
​Time and Attendance ​x​x