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The Health and Wellness Portal located on myuhc.com is your own personal website that is designed to:
  • Inspire healthy action with step-by-step programs
  • Encourage you to remain motivated through online health programs and innovative tools and calculators that track your progress
  • Reinforce your commitment by acknowledging your accomplishments​
The site features three key areas designed to help you become healthier:
  • I AM: Take the health assessment; capture and organize your health information; and find out about healthy behaviors.
  • I DO: Follow an “I do” action program based on your health status and goals; monitor your progress with health trackers; and enroll in coaching programs like weight loss, exercise and diabetes Management.
  • I GET: Receive encouragement and acknowledgement for reaching your goals. You can also view inspirational images and reminders that will motivate you to strive for a healthier lifestyle.
Learn more, achieve more:

  • You have access to health and wellness articles and videos, health tools and calculators, in addition to risk assessments that focuses on breast cancer, cervical cancer, cholesterol, colon cancer, diabetes and obesity. In addition, you will have access to a drug guide where you can search for a drug by name and possible drug interactions.
To access the Health & Wellness tab, visit www.myuhc.com​. Registration on myuhc.com is required to access these resources.​