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WellPoints is a points-based, wellness incentive program designed to encourage City employees (full and part-time) and pre-65 retirees enrolled in a City sponsored health plan to participate in health and wellness activities throughout the year. These activities include free health screenings, physical fitness and weight loss. You may also attend informative, monthly seminars presented by experts on current health and wellness topics. When you attend or participate in wellness events or activities, you earn points. 

Program Period: October 1, 2014 - August 31, 2015

 ​Program Objective:

  1. To promote better health and wellness among City of Dallas employees and retirees
  2. To earn the minimum points required (250 Points) to receive a discounted rate toward your City sponsored medical plan premium
  3. To earn additional funds in your HRA account (applicable only to employees enrolled in the City's 75/25 HRA medical plan)

Annual Physical Exam & MyUHC Online Health Assessment

(Required Employee Engagement)

Points: 150

Details:   To participate in WellPoints, you MUST:

  1. Be an active employee or pre-65 retiree currently enrolled in a City sponsored health plan
  2. Complete your annual physical and online health assessment (Annual Physical Exam: 100 Points; MyUHC Online Health Assessment: 50 Points). There are no exceptions.
  3. Pre-65 retirees are only required to complete the annual physical exam and online health assessment to earn the lowest possible medical premium for the next benefits year; no further action is required of pre-65 retirees.
  4. Active employees must complete the annual physical exam, online health assessment AND also earn a minimum of 100 points through completing wellness activities outlined in options 1-3.

Annual Physical Exam

Print a copy of the WellPoints Annual Physical Exam/Biometric Target Screening Verification Form. Have this form on hand when you take your annual physical.  


  1. Schedule an annual physical exam with your physician or health provider.
  2. Present the Annual Physical-Biometric Target Screening Verification Form at the time of your exam.
  3. Complete Section 2 and request your physician to complete Section 4 of the form.
  4. Submit the completed form to the Benefits Service Center (City Hall, Room 1DS).

MyUHC Online Health Assessment

Go to www.myuhc.com to complete the online health assessment.


  1. Log in or register at www.myuhc.com.
  2. Once logged in, select Health Assessment
  3. Click Take Health Assessment (you may select En Español at this screen)
  4. Complete the questionnaire
  5. Click Submit when done
  6. Congratulations! You have completed your online health assessment. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to print your results. It is recommended that you print a copy of your results for record-keeping purposes.

Active Employees: By earning the required 150 points through these two activities, you only have to earn 100 wellness points before the WellPoints deadline, which is August 31, 2015. You may earn the remaining 100 points by participating in activities under the following options:

​Option 1: Biometric Screening Targets

Points: Maximum of 100 Points

Details: Earn points for meeting a minimum of two biometric targets (2 Targets = 50 Points; 3 Targets = 75 Points; 4 Targets = 100 Points).

Targets: BMI (Less than 30); Blood Pressure (Systolic: Less than 140; Diastolic: Less than 90); Fasting LDL (Less than 130); and Fasting Glucose (Less than 100)

Present the Annual Physical-Biometric Target Screening Verification Form at the time of your biometric target screening. Complete Section 2 of the form; ask your physician to complete Section 3 of the form.


​Option 2: Take Action, Behavior Change & Bonus Activities

Take Action:

Points: Maximum of 100 Points

Details: Each program is worth 100 points. There are two options: Disease Management Program and YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program. Under Disease Management Program, there are four program options: Asthma, Diabetes, Coronary Artery Disease and Heart Failure. Eligible participants will receive an outreach call from a UnitedHealthcare nurse.

Behavior Change:

Points: Maximum of 100 Points (Max: 4 Activities)


  • Examples include Boot Camp, Weight Loss Program, WellAware-sponsored Fitness Activities, Gym/Fitness Center Participation and Community Races
  • Personal Weight Loss (at least 25 pounds)
    • Max 50 Points (equivalent of 2 Behavior Change activities)
    • Weight monitored at City of Dallas-approved locations

      Bonus Activities:

      Points: Maximum of 50 Points

  • City of Dallas Department-sponsored learning activities, health fairs and walks that are one mile or less
    1. Worth 10 Points (Max: 5 Activities)
  • City of Dallas Department-sponsored physical activities such as walks or runs that are more than one mile
  • Worth 20 Points (Max: 2 Activities)   


Option 3: Reasonable Alternatives (Online Coaching & Education)

Employees may also participate in the following reasonable alternatives:

Online Coaching

  • 25 Points Per Activity (Max: 2 Activities)
    • To access an online wellness coaching program:
      • Log onto www.myuhc.com
      • Click on the Health & Wellness tab
      • Select the "I DO" icon
    • Each online program consists of 12 educational activities and 5 tracker entries within an online program
    • You are required to make one tracker entry per week for 5 weeks and complete 12 activities per online program
Up to two programs may count toward your WellPoints total


  • 10 Points Per Activity (Max: 5 Activities)
  • Examples include WellAware health fairs, learning seminars and Health Care Cost Estimator

 Important Documents:​

Wellness Program Disclosure

If it is unreasonably difficult for you to achieve the standards for a reward under the wellness program due to a medical condition, or if it is medically inadvisable for you to attempt to achieve the standards for the reward under this program, call the Benefits Service Center at1-855-656-9114, and we will work with you to develop another way to qualify for the reward.