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Benefits | WellAware    ​                                                                         

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Dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of employees and retirees through all-inclusive health evaluations, education and intervention strategies 

WellAware is the City of Dallas employee wellness program. It aims to encourage employees to take measures to prevent the onset or worsening of diseases or illnesses and to promote healthy, active lifestyles. It ​also emphasizes the importance of education, awareness, self-care and behavioral change programs to enhance the overall well-being of employees.


Wellness helps to improve company productivity by:
  •   Lowering the rate of absenteeism
  •   Improving on-the-job time utilization and decision making
  •   Improving employee morale, resulting in lower turnover
  •   Reducing the growth of employee health care costs

WellAware aims to accomplish these goals by providing the following benefits:

  •   Free employee health screenings
  •   Health and wellness expo
  •   Health assessment campaign
  •   WellAware health seminars​