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​Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Workday? Workday is the new HR and Payroll system that City of Dallas is implementing.  Workday will provide employees with a simple to use, visually appealing application for accessing and updating HR and payroll information through any Internet-accessible device.Founded in 2005, Workday is a leading provider of Cloud-based applications for finance and human resources and serves some of the world's largest companies, educational institutions, and government agencies.2. Why is the City of Dallas moving to Workday? Currently there are multiple HR and payroll systems being utilized across the City of Dallas. Maintaining multiple systems is costly and highly inefficient.As we transform to a people-centered system, our leaders need access to actionable information about organizational performance at every level.  Simplification and consistency of data are critical to achieving our strategy.Workday will feed information about human resources and payroll into our finance system.  It is a key part of our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) initiative to deliver a modern, unified technology platform for core Human Resources and Payroll functions. ERP will enable leaders to access accurate and effective information to help guide decision making.The implementation of Workday directly supports our People-Centered strategy to deliver operational excellence, effectively steward our resources, and engage our employees. 3. Is Workday replacing all of our current HR and Payroll systems, such as Kronos and  Lawson? Workday will replace all of our major payroll and HR systems, including those for benefits, performance reviews, recruiting, and talent and performance management. It will not replace our learning management system, Learning Zen, or users of time and attendance system, Kronos. These systems will be integrated with Workday.4. As an employee, what will I be able to see/do in Workday? You will be able to:View your pay slip, W2 and benefit selectionsEnroll in benefitsAdd a dependent to your benefits in the case of a qualifying event, such as a change in marital status or birth or adoption of a childChange your tax withholding and direct deposit informationChange your emergency contacts and update your home addressUpload your photo5. What will leaders be able to see/do in Workday? Once Workday is fully implemented, leaders will be able to:Access their team organizational structureView milestones of their direct reports, such as birthdays and work anniversariesProvide feedback on employees throughout the City of Dallas. These comments will automatically flow through to their manager. View/enter feedback on direct reports and information about their performanceView real-time dashboards and reportsInitiate transactions for their team online without paper forms6. Will I need to complete any training prior to using Workday? Workday is very intuitive and easy to navigate. If you do online shopping, or use an online banking or other transactional website, you should find Workday simple to use. If you need a little help, job aids and videos are available on the Jobs Aids and Training section of this site.7. Will I be able to access Workday from multiple devices, such as my PC, tablet, smartphone? Yes!  The secure Workday application is web-based and accessible through any device that has Internet access. You'll be able to access it at work, home, or on the go, from wherever you have Internet access. View the job aids for downloading the mobile app.8. When will Workday go live? Will all of the City of Dallas go live at the same time? Workday will be available to more than 20,000 employees working at the City of Dallas across the country.