City Council approved the development of the Dallas Street Seats Pilot Program on Dec. 9, 2020. The permit application will be available on Thursday, Feb. 4, 2021.

Here is a preview of the program details. We hope this information will assist you with your planning.  Additional information will be added as it becomes available.   

Who may apply for a Dallas Street Seats Permit?

  • Dallas Street Seats can be permitted as a public or a private space.  
  • Private Dallas Street Seats provide additional seating for a restaurant or additional retail space. Private Dallas Street Seats permits are issued for parking spaces immediately adjacent to a licensed ground floor/street level establishment for the purpose of supplementing the establishment's floor space/seating capacity.
  • Dallas Street Seats can also be permitted as a public gathering space with no retail or commercial componentPublic Dallas Street Seats permits may be issued to an entity after providing required public support.

Do you have a compatible location?

  • Dallas Street Seats are placed adjacent to the curb in an unrestricted parking lane on a street with dedicated permanent parking and a posted speed limit of 30 MPH or less. 
  • Dallas Street Seats may activate in a space no larger than two parking spaces.
  • The curb-front length will typically be restricted to the host building's frontage. You may make a special request on your application to extend the private street seats to include a portion of another building frontage. In that case, written property authorization is required from the neighboring building's tenant and/or owner which explicitly extends permission to occupy parking spaces in front of their building.
  • Dallas Street Seats cannot interfere with other curb uses. Conflicts with existing curb uses that will result in denial of the permit application include:
    • fire hydrants (provide a 12-foot clearance around fire hydrants and fire department connections (FDC))
    • valet operation
    • bus stop or transit station
    • loading zone
    • taxi zone
    • handicap parking spaces
    • other specially designated zones
    • licensed to another establishment
    • interference with existing utility access and maintenance (i.e., manholes, storm and wastewater, electrical, telecom, etc.)
    • a designated fire lane
    • at least one parking space away from a roadway intersection unless buffered by a curb bulb-out
    • maintain at least 25 feet from an alley
  • Dallas Street Seats elements are placed with a minimum 18" buffer to the adjacent vehicular travel lane.
  • Adjacent sidewalk has a minimum unobstructed sidewalk width of 6' (8' in CBD).
  • Dallas Street Seats maintain at least five feet of clearance to in-street utilities access points, i.e. stormwater drainage, electrical poles, underground utility access, electrical transformer vaults, etc.
  • Must be located a minimum of 40' behind a bus stop zone

Dallas Street Seats Designs

  • Approved designs will be posted to this site as soon as possible for your review and consideration.
  • Applicants shall select from one of the pre-approved designs provided.
  • Dallas Street Seats should strive to become a focal point for the area and a welcoming public gathering place.
  • Dallas Street Seats must be designed and installed so as not to create a traffic safety hazard by interfering with visibility of pedestrians, street signs or vehicular traffic.
  • Dallas Street Seats must be designed to be easily removed without damaging the curb, sidewalk, any drainage structures, and the underlying roadway.
  • The design should allow for access under the platform for cleaning and clearing debris.
  • Each Dallas Street Seats or a substantial portion thereof, must be designed to be accessible in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Applicant shall secure permission if utilizing restrooms owned by another establishment.
  • It is recommended that the applicant of a Dallas Street Seats permit meet and solicit input and support from the local neighborhood association, merchant association and or PID prior to applying.

Permit Procedure


When should I apply?


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