In December 2020, Dallas City Council approved a pilot program that allows restaurants, bars, retail establishments or other entities to transition no more than two street parking spaces into a useable area for additional dining, expanded retail space or for a place for people to gather. This space must be defined by a safe perimeter and a platform that extends the sidewalk into the approved parking spaces and may be accompanied by amenities like benches, tables, bicycle parking, and planters. Dallas Street Seats are intended to add vibrancy to the street scape, enhance outdoor urban living and provide a fun place for people to enjoy.

Dallas Street Seats is a pilot program that runs from February 2021 through July 2023. As a pilot program the rules, processes, and requirements are subject to change. We welcome and encourage comments and suggestions to improve the pilot program.

Please reference the Additional Information and Resources sections below to find the Guidebook which has complete program details.

Who may apply for a Dallas Street Seats Permit?

  • Dallas Street Seats can be permitted as a public or a private space.  
  • Private Dallas Street Seats provide additional seating for a restaurant or additional retail space. Private Dallas Street Seats permits are issued for parking spaces immediately adjacent to a licensed ground floor/street level establishment for the purpose of supplementing the establishment's floor space/seating capacity.
  • Dallas Street Seats can also be permitted as a public gathering space with no retail or commercial componentPublic Dallas Street Seats permits may be issued to an entity after providing required public support.



When should I apply?


Additional Information & Resources

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