When is a permit required for a Special Event?

Any temporary outdoor gathering, with an expected total attendance of 100 or more, which involves one or more of the following on private or public property where otherwise prohibited:

  • Restricting access to public property;
  • Sale of merchandise, food, or beverage (nonalcoholic and/or alcoholic);
  • Erection of a tent larger than 399 square feet in area OR erection of multiple tents with a cumulative area of over 399 square feet;
  • Installation of a temporary stage, band shell, outdoor projection technology, trailer, van, grandstand, bleachers, or portable toilets for public use;
  • Use of City Hall Plaza;
  • All moving events – runs, walks, rides, special event parades, processions;
  • Placement of event signage including temporary no parking, directional, over sized, sponsor, or identification signs or banners that are placed in or over a public right-of-way, or on private property where otherwise prohibited by ordinance;
  • Clean zone activation; and/or
  • Closing or restricting of a public street, lane, alley, or sidewalk (regardless of the expected total attendance).

For a list of permit exemptions, please reference the guidebook.



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