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    City's Employee Notification System

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    The City’s Employee Notification System (CENS) is intended to collect employees’ emergency contact information in an electronic database, and to notify registered members when normal work operations are interrupted, extended, or otherwise changed; when an emergency is occurring or; when immediate action is otherwise required.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is registration required for all City of Dallas Employees?

    City of Dallas Employees who are assigned a City-owned mobile device or receive a cell phone allowance are required to register that device through the registration portal. Participation in the CENS program is voluntary for employee’s that can only provide personal contact information.

    2. Is my personal contact information subject to open records request?

    The Public Information Act allows employees, public officials, and former employees to elect whether to keep certain information about them confidential. All employees should have completed a “Public Access Option Form” during the new employee onboarding process. (AD 3-78 Exhibit A- Public Access Option Form) Prior to inclusion in the CENS message system, employees are encouraged to inquire with Human Resources to check the status of their “Public Access Option Form,” and to ensure that their preference regarding public access to information is current.

    3. Who is the CENS coordinator for my department?

    The CENS Coordinator is a staff member in a department who is designated to review staff members who have registered or should register for the CENS, develop emergency messages, and activate department specific notifications. If your department needs to designate a new coordinator, please email OEM@dallascityhall.com.

    4. Who will send notifications to me?

    Notifications may be sent by the Office of Emergency Management for significant events that impact multiple departments or other emergencies as directed by city officials. Department Coordinators can also send notifications to personnel within their department after attending the required training courses. Unforeseeable circumstances and the dynamic nature of some emergencies make it impossible for the City of Dallas to guarantee that all employees will receive notification of every emergency.

    5. How much does it cost?

    Participation in the CENS program is free; however, standard message and data rates may apply.