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    CERT Graduation & Path Forward 

    CERT Graduation & Path Forward  

    Graduates of the CERT Training Class!

    Congratulations on finishing your Class. I thoroughly enjoyed being one of your instructors for this course and I look forward to seeing you in future training classes. 

    If you wish to advance to the CERT Member level of the Dallas CERT program (above the CERT Trained level) please visit the training portion of our website at:


    Our locally available training available on the website includes (located under the Additional Training heading)

    • Tactical Radios Course
    • Documentation Course
    • HAZMAT Course
    • Navigation Course

    Once you complete the quiz for each of the four above courses you will receive an electronic certificate showing completion of the coursework.

    There are also four FEMA web-based courses that you should take. These include:

    • IS-100.b (ICS-100): Introduction to the Incident Command System
    • IS-200.c (ICS-200): ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents
    • IS-700.a (ICS-700): National Incident Management System, An Introduction
    • IS-800.b (ICS-800): National Response Framework, An Introduction

    You can complete the above FEMA courses at the following website: https://training.fema.gov/nims/

    To take FEMA courses, you will need a FEMA Student ID Number, which can be obtained here: https://cdp.dhs.gov/femasid

    When you complete any of the above training, please send the electronic completion certificates to the following email address so we can upload them to the Volgistics system: dallascert@gmail.com

    You will also need to complete and return to me the background check paperwork; a copy of your driver's license, DPD Volunteer Application, Confidentiality Waiver, and the Waiver of Liability, all available on the Dallas Cert website, Dallascert.com.

    Next steps:

    Volgistics Access Instructions:

    Please use the link below to access your Volgistics Volunteer Information Center (VicNet) profile:

    https://www.volgistics.com/ex2/vicnet.dll?from=242611 (please save/bookmark this link as this is how you will access VicNet in the future)

    (See photos below for a checklist and visual instructions.)

    CERT ID Instructions:

    (See photos below for a checklist and visual instructions.)