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    ​DERT CBD 

    In April 2000, many CBD Stakeholders, private and public entities, began working together on a public/private partnership to address components of joint emergency planning to increase the downtown stakeholders' understanding and confidence in an emergency plan. Downtown Dallas is the largest center of economic activity in the region; it has the largest tax base, largest concentration of jobs, and is everyone's neighborhood. Quick business recovery is vital to Dallas' economy. 

    DERT-CBD has developed a multi-faceted approach to preparing for, responding to and recovering from emergency situations. The primary goal of DERT is to establish and maintain a strong public-private partnership and maximize the resources available for emergency planning and response. DERT-CBD has developed several tools and resources over the since the creation of the program in 2001. 

    Pre-Incident Planning. ​Dallas Fire-Rescue has developed fillable PDF forms to make pre-incident planning more efficient. By having information on CBD buildings and assets that can be incorporated into software like Digital Sandbox, Dallas Fire-Rescue and Dallas Police are better able to respond to emergencies as they happen.  The forms are the DFR PIP Instructions​,  DFR Assessment Form, and the DFR Asset Form​. Save and return forms to Chief Tami Kayea at tami.kayea@dallascityhall.com​.​

    Downtown Emergency Response Resource Manual. This manual was designed to be a general guideline and resource for the downtown stakeholders. Understanding the interaction between first responders such as police, fire/rescue services, and public works with the private sector; such as property owners/managers, security officers, and building engineers is critical in planning, mitigating, and responding to emergencies. 

    ​​Emergency Messaging. The Dallas Alert Messaging System was created to provide email, text and voice messages to Downtown property managers, security directors, building engineers, life safety officers and law enforcement officers. The messaging system, provided and managed by the DOWNTOWNDALLAS Improvement District, delivers accurate information prior to or during an incident affecting public safety in Downtown Dallas. Also check www.dallasalert.org​ for other emergency messaging options.

    Emergency Contact Database. Communication with building personnel is important during any emergency situation. A Downtown Emergency Contact Database, managed by the Downtown Dallas Improvement District, was created to collect contact information for all key personnel of buildings within the Central Business District. All information is kept confidential and for exclusive use by DFR, DPD, EOM personnel in case of an emergency situation. This information should be updated by each property when changes occur. Updates of email or cell phone contact information should be sent by email to info@downtowndallas.com, by mail to Downtown Dallas, Inc., 901 Main Street, Suite 7100, Dallas TX 75202; or by fax to 214-744-1986. ​

    Perimeter Passes. Property managers, security directors, and chief engineers of Central Business District buildings are pre-issued emergency perimeter passes. These passes include a picture, title of property manager, security director or engineer, and property identification. Pre-issued perimeter passes do not guarantee access to a secured perimeter. In the event of a critical incident, the Incident Commander will determine the properties involved and staff necessary for recovery.​