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    ​Labor Day Safety

    Even though school's been in session for over a week now, Labor Day still marks the end of summer for most people. Labor Day weekend is often full of end of season road trips, cookouts, and swimming trips. If you're planning any of these things, keep some safety tips in mind.



    1. Have an emergency kit in your car - include water, sunscreen, and a hat in addition to basic tools, flags, and flares.
    2. Let someone know your route for safety.
    3. Don't drink and drive.


    1. Keep cool. Drink plenty of non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic fluids.
    2. Apply sunscreen and mosquito-repellent.
    3. If you're doing chores, use ladders appropriately and check any electrical cords for fraying.


    1. Keep a weather eye out. Thunder and lightning can happen in a moment's notice.
    2. Keep a close eye on children and inexperienced swimmers. Have them wear Coast Guard approved life jackets.
    3. Avoid alcohol while swimming.


    1. Protect your home and family from fire by keeping grills away from your home, trees, shrubs, or other flammable materials.
    2. Wash hands thoroughly when handling meat and food to prevent cross-contamination.
    3. Keep chilled food – like potato salad – out of the sun. Use a bowl of ice or a refrigerator to keep foods chilled.
    4. Refrigerate all meat before grilling. Cook meat thoroughly to prevent illness.

    Following simple tips can prevent bigger issues. For more information on emergency kits, preparedness tips, or what to prepare for, check out our Get Prepared Tab​.