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    The Office of Emergency Management utilizes social media for real-time emergency alerts and  information on emergency preparedness and community events.  Follow us on Twitter for real-time emergency alerts. You can also follow us on  Facebook,  Nextdoor, and YouTube​  for information on emergency preparedness and community events. 

    Social Media Comment Policy: 

    In order to better serve its residents, the City of Dallas utilizes user engagement tools and websites, including social media channels, to provide residents with information in more places and more ways than were traditionally available.  All content and comments posted to this official City of Dallas social media site are subject to the Texas Public Information Act.  Please be aware that anything you post may survive deletion whether by you or others. 

    Requests for emergency services should be directed to 9-1-1 and not through this site. Individual complaints, concerns, or service requests will not be addressed via Social Media unless the City specifically identifies the site for that purpose. 

    To protect your privacy and the privacy of others, please do not include sensitive personally identifiable information, such as social security numbers. The City hosted tools and websites should not be considered secure. 

    Posts to this site may be removed in a viewpoint neutral manner under the City’s procedure for Social Media sites and if allowed by law, but may be preserved as a public record. The City also reserves the right to discontinue any or all City Social Media Sites at any time. 

    Practical and legal considerations may sometimes constrain, prevent, or prohibit discussion by the City of certain topics, including, but not limited to litigation, pending investigations, and other topics through various media including social media. 

    Following or “friending” persons or organizations is not an endorsement by the City and is only intended as a means of communication. 

    Any references or links to a specific entity, product, service or organization posted by individuals on the City Social Media Sites should not be considered an endorsement by the City or its departments, employees, or officers. 

    The City is not responsible for the security of social media pages and applications that reside outside the City of Dallas’ domain. In addition, the City of Dallas does not endorse or advocate an individual’s participation in a particular social media platform. The City has no control over the policies and practices of third-party social media sites that may have certain requirements that subjects individuals to the third-party’s policies, guidelines, and rules. By participating with the City of Dallas in social networking communities, you agree that you may be responsible for any damages, losses, liabilities, judgments, costs or expenses arising out of a claim by a third party relating to any posts you have made.  

    While the City of Dallas recognizes the instantaneous nature of social media is a 24 hour-a-day, 7 days-a-week medium, the monitoring of the City of Dallas social media sites by City staff is not. For more information about the City of Dallas, please visit DallasCityHall.com or DallasCityNews.net

    Specific questions regarding this comment posting disclaimer can be directed to the Office of Communications, Outreach and Marketing at media@dallascityhall.com. 

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