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    ​Stop. Think. Connect.

    October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. As we become more and more connected, not just through phones – 56% of American Adults have smart phones – but through all kinds of devices, we need to be more aware of security. We are surrounded by devices, appliances, and trackers that connect to the internet and each other via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Because these devices are more readily available, cyber security is more important than ever. What can you do to help keep you, your family, and your business safe? 


    Follow some simple tips:

    • Password Protection – make sure your devices and networks are protected with strong and unique passwords or pass codes.
    • Protect Your Devices – keep your devices on you. Don't leave them unattended or vulnerable to thieves. Lock your devices when not in use.
    • Public Networks – be careful on public networks or public computers. These may not be fully protected from hackers and may be vulnerable to viruses and malware.
    • Update Your Software – keep software and apps updated regularly. Updates protect you from known vulnerabilities.
    • Security Software – keep your anti-virus or security software installed and current.
    • Travel Safety – wait to post pictures or stories of your trips until you return home to keep thieves from targeting your home while you're away.


    If you believe you've been a victim of a cyber – or online – crime, there are ways to report it. Contact local police and the Internet Crime Center to file a complaint at www.IC3.gov.  Get more information on cyber threats at our page​. Remember – Stop. Think. Connect.