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    ​Summer Heat Safety 2020

    Summer heat is a constant in our area. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are very real dangers and are 100% preventable when taking precautions during the summer months. This summer has different challenges when it comes to protecting yourself, family members, and others from the effects of high heat and humidity. While you continue to take typical precautions, the pandemic gives all of us some new challenges.

    Common Heat Safety Tips:

    • Drink plenty of non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic beverages. Stay hydrated, even if you don't feel thirsty.
    • Whether working or playing outdoors, find shade and take lots of breaks.
    • Stay indoors as much as possible with air conditioning if possible. Keep blinds closed and use fans.

    If you don't have air conditioning, try to find someplace that does. With the current pandemic, indoor public spaces are more limited. If you need further assistance, The Salvation Army has opened Cooling Stations at their Oak Cliff and Carr P. Collins facilities. They provide water and in some cases fans. Adhere to all safety guidelines when outside your home, including:

    • wearing a face covering,
    • maintaining six feet of distance,
    • and washing your hands often.

    The elderly, the very young, and those with chronic illnesses are the most susceptible to heat-related illness. If you know someone in your family or neighborhood that is vulnerable to heat-related illness, please check on them safely and often. 

    2020 Summary of Colloing Stations Dallas County Locations