• Office of Emergency Management
    1500 Marilla St. L2AN,
    Dallas, Texas 75201
    Phone: (214) 670-4275
    Fax: (214) 670-4677

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    ​​Terrorist Hazards

    Dallas can be a target for terrorists and terrorist attacks. Technological advances and political unrest increase risks to local and national security. These events can cause loss of life, property damage, widespread illness or injury, as well as economic disruption.

    Learn more about what you can do to stay safer in a terrorist event. 

    Start by reporting suspicious activity to the Dallas Police Department See Something. Say Something tip line at 214-671-4847.

    See Something Say Something graphic card

    Houston's Run. Hide. Fight Video gives you tips on how to deal with an active shooter:


    Learn more about terrorist-based hazards by clicking the tiles below.