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    ​Warning and Alert Systems

    We use multiple tools to alert resident to hazards like severe weather, but also any other potential emergency.  There is no one way to reach every person when disaster strikes. That's why we use a variety of tools to get the word out.

    • Outdoor Warning Sirens are the most commonly known alerts. These sirens are intended only to let those outdoors know they need to get inside immediately for more information. They're not intended to be heard inside.
    • NOAA Weather Radios send out alerts and information at all times of the day or night. Most are or can be battery powered to operate in black outs. These require some set up after purchase.
    • Broadcast Media is a major source of real-time information on emergencies. They have the ability to not only run Emergency Alert System notices, but to break into programming with events as they're happening. You have to be tuned in and have a way to watch or listen without electricity.
    • Reverse 911 is a system that allows us to call phone numbers in a certain area with information and instructions. This system only works on landlines – which many people no longer have.
    • Dallas ALERT is an opt in system that allows residents choose to receive emergency notifications by text or email on their cell phones, but requires signing up at http://dallascityhall.com/departments/officeemergencymanagement/Pages/Dallas-Alert.aspx
    • Wireless Emergency Alerts – is our newest capability that lets alert go to smart phones with emergency notifications, like Amber Alerts and Emergency Alert Systems, enabled. These alerts can go to very specific areas.
    • Phone Apps are available for most smart phones from weather services that can provide emergency alerts. These have to be downloaded and set up for your area.

    By using more than one alert system, residents and visitors to the City of Dallas can increase their ability to stay informed and safe during an emergency. Set up your alert services today.

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