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NOAA Radio

NOAA All-Hazards Radio (formerly called "Weather Alert Radios")

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Weather Radios broadcast National Weather Service (NWS) warnings, watches, forecasts and other non-weather related hazard information 24 hours a day. During an emergency, NWS forecasters interrupt routine broadcasts and send a special tone activating local weather radios. Weather radios with the alert feature are equipped with a special alarm tone feature sound an alert to give you immediate information about a life-threatening situation. Most Weather Radios have back up battery power that will allow for operation even when power is lost. Batteries should be checked and changed as needed on a regular basis.

NOAA Weather Radio receivers can be purchased at many retail stores that sell electronic merchandise, including stand-alone electronic retail outlets, electronics departments within department stores, and some drug stores. NOAA Weather Radio receivers can also be purchased through some mail order catalogs.

In addition, NOAA Weather Radio receivers are often sold in boat and marine accessory businesses since they are popular in the marine community. These are just some of the places that NOAA Weather Radio receivers can be purchased. Be sure to purchase receivers with the alert feature incorporated into their design.

Below is an example of a weather radio.

Example of a weather radio