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​​Office of Risk Management

​Liability - Frequently Asked Questions

​  The City of Dallas hit my car, damaged my property, or I fell on City Property. What do I do?

          You must complete a claim form and return it to City. You should hear from the adjuster within 3 business days.

  I filled out a claim form a month ago. I have not heard from anyone. What do I do?

          Your claim is handled in the Office of Risk Management. If you do not hear from an adjuster within three                               business  days, please contact us at 214-671-9458 or 214-670-7860.

  My car was towed to the City Pound; I had to pay to get it out. How do I get my money back?

          You will be referred to the Auto pound for continued handling.

  The Pound sold my car and I was not notified. What can I do?

           You must complete a claim form and return it to the City.

  The Office of Risk Management denied my claim, who can I talk to about it?

           The City handles their own claims. You may contact Claims Management at 214-670-6905 or 214-670-7860.

  I had a claim with the City a year ago. Is it still good?​

            The Office of Risk Management handles all Liability claims for the City of Dallas. You can Contact Claims                            Management at 214-670-6905 or 214-670-7860 for additional explanation on the time frame to file a claim.

  Code Compliance had my car towed. What do I do?

          You must complete and file a notice of claim and return it to the City.

  I hit a pothole, what should I do?

          You must file a claim with the City of Dallas. 

  Is the City of Dallas legally liable for different types of claims?

          No, state law outlines various activities where even if the city was at fault there may be no legal obligation to pay the claim due to immunity laws.

  What if I am injured as a result of the City of Dallas and have medical expenses?

          If you are injured in an accident you should seek medical care and treatment for your injuries at a doctor or facility of  our choice. Please be aware that you may be responsible for the cost of your care through your auto or health              insurance, while the claim is being investigated or if the City of Dallas is not legally obligated to pay.

  Does the city use independent contractors to perform work and can they be responsible for any damage they   may cause?

         Yes, the City of Dallas often uses contractors and they may be responsible for damage they cause while performing work on behalf of the City. If a contractor is responsible for your damage, the claims adjuster will provide you the contractors' name.

  Do I need to file a claim against my insurance company?

          It is your decision to file a claim with your insurance company if you are not at fault.

  If I pay for repairs, will the City of Dallas reimburse me?

          No. Do not make repairs or incur other costs under the assumption that the City will reimburse you when a claim is filed. Furthermore, you should not have repairs made or services performed and billed to the City. The City may settle a claim with you but it may not pay the costs of all the services that you ordered. It is our goal to address each claim as fairly and promptly as possible as we understand you may have been inconvenienced by this incident.​