What is Forward Dallas?

The City of Dallas is embarking on an inclusive process to update our citywide future land use vision as adopted in the 2006 ForwardDallas Comprehensive Plan. Land is a critical and limited resource in Dallas. How we plan for and use this resource has a profound impact on our quality of life. This update comes at a time of great change for Dallas, the nation, and the world. The crises of COVID-19, climate change, and racial injustice have highlighted the need to reevaluate existing land use policies and adopt new, more equitable and sustainable strategies. We will engage the community on the challenging issues of today and define strategies and actions to shape how Dallas develops for years to come.

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ForwardDallas Neighborhoods Summit

Let’s Plan Together! Join us at the ForwardDallas Neighborhoods Summit on Saturday, October 17, 2020 to learn about the FowardDallas Land Use Update and how to get involved. Get Involved