Planning & Urban Design

​2-Points White Rock East Area Plan 



Year of Adoption: March 2013

Council District: 7


Located in far east Dallas, north of IH 30 and generally bounded by Lakeland Drive at Ferguson Road, northeast to Oates Drive, east to LaPrada Drive and south back to IH 30, White Rock East is part of the Ferguson Road Initiative, a community-based nonprofit that includes 22 neighborhoods and crime watches.


Where crime was once a major concern in 2-Points, what is now called White Rock East is an area of a diverse population with safe, stable neighborhoods, quality apartment complexes, exceptional schools, well-maintained parks, and local-serving businesses.  Within its boundaries is the ability to travel safely on attractively landscaped streets, connected sidewalks, multi-purpose trails, designated bicycle routes, and responsive public transit.


2-Points to White Rock East Area Plan is a totally grassroots, neighbor-driven and directed plan.  It was conceived under the auspices of the Ferguson Road Initiative and the Truett Crime Watch. Residents felt that part of White Rock Hills in far east Dallas, was experiencing relative neglect and high crime.  This and the changing demographics for this area which reflects greater cultural, ethnic, and age diversity, were the impetus for the plan.  Residents wanted to guide change in their tree-canopied neighborhoods where young families can grow and older citizens can age in place.

The Implementation section is intended to serve as one of the City's guides, it will aid in making improvements in this part of Dallas. Many measures do not require direct action or initiation by the City, only responsiveness and support.  Others will require direct participation by City departments as well as elected and appointed officials.  Some of the measures are very tangible, envisioning simple, changes to signalization or traffic control.  Others seek to better coordinate community wishes into planning, budgeting, code enforcement, and public safety.  Finally, others are very aspirational, pursuing long-term desires for the community. 

Download Plan: 2-Points to White Rock East Area Plan