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​Advisory Services

Advisory services are provided through the Urban Design Peer Review Panel and Urban Design Advisory ​Committee.


The purpose of the Urban Design Peer Review Panel (UDPRP) is to provide timely, consistent and effective urban design advice for applicable and/or identified projects. The UDPRP Panel provides advice to staff, the City's Tax Increment Fund Boards, Plan Commission and City Council as applicable. The UDPRP provides urban design advice for projects applying for a variety of projects throughout the City of Dallas. The following includes a complete list of projects which will require submittal to the peer review process:

  1. Projects that are applying for TIF Funds.
  2. Municipal Projects within existing or previous TIF Districts or designated area plans
  3. Projects at the applicant's request
  4. Other projects as designated by the City Manager or by the Director of Sustainable Development, Director of Housing, or Director of Economic Development with the approval of the City Manager

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The Urban Design Advisory Committee (UDAC) is an advisory body appointed by the City Plan Commission. UDAC is made up of two City Plan Commissioners and five citizens. UDAC is responsible for reviewing long range planning and area plans prior to the City Plan Commission consideration. The Plan Commission then makes a recommendation which is forwarded to City Council. UDAC's meetings are open to the Public.

For more information, contact Yolanda Pesina at (214) 670-3086.

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