Planning & Urban Design


The Neighborhood Vitality Capacity Building Program empowers, educates and equips residents and neighborhood leaders with the knowledge and tools to address community challenges, increase residential engagement, and develop partnerships. Neighborhood Vitality has created training workshops for newly formed and established community organizations.

The following workshops can be scheduled by your registered Neighborhood Association or Homeowner’s Association by contacting us at: or (214) 671-9565

Membership Recruitment & Sustainability (Scheduled by request) 
Get tips on membership recruitment, sustainability strategies, and leadership planning. 

Forming a Neighborhood Association (Scheduled by request)  
Learn how to create a neighborhood organization with seven steps and how to operate  successfully. 

Neighborhood Organizations Workshops:

All Things Beautification (spring) |  March 9, 2019  | Toolkit.pdf
Learn tips on neighborhood beautification project ideas including how to incorporate native plants, transform concrete spaces,  prepare fall garden planting and plan neighborhood clean-ups and include stakeholders.

Navigating City Services |  February 9, 2019  | Revised Toolkit.pdf
Get solutions to neighborhood challenges like illegal dumping, bulky trash, traffic calming, abandoned homes, code compliance violations and media beautification.

Partnership Development & Coalition Building  |  April 6, 2019  Toolkit.pdf
Learn how to develop partnerships with community stakeholders including schools, faith-based groups and businesses, and how to create a coalition with neighborhood groups. 

ABC's of Land Development & Zoning   |  May 4, 2019  Toolkit.pdf
Get tips on how your neighborhood can influence zoning and land development and learn how land development is regulated.

Creating a Neighborhood Plan  |  June 1, 2019  Toolkit.pdf
Neighborhood leaders will be provided the  framework needed to achieve a neighborhood vision for development, growth, and stability while engaging residents, stakeholders, and developers.

Creating a Neighborhood Brand  |  July 27, 2019 
Understand the importance of neighborhood branding by creating a marketing strategy and implementing tactics that build awareness.

Data & Maps to Empower Your Neighborhood  | September 14, 2019
Learn how to identify existing adopted plans for your neighborhood and use the Dallas PolicyMap web tool and other online resources. 

All Things Beautification (fall) |  September 7, 2019  | More info or to register
Learn tips on neighborhood beautification project ideas and project ideas which can be funded by the Dallas Neighborhood Vitality Grant.

National Night Out Event Planning  
Get tips and resources to plan a successful neighborhood event and develop relationships with the Dallas Police Department.

Dallas Neighborhood Vitality Grant Program  |  October/November 2019 
The Dallas Neighborhood Vitality Grant offers funds to implement neighborhood projects and community engagement tools.

Grant Writing 101  |  October/November 2019 
Learn tips and techniques on grant writing, develop a project budget, create measurable grant outcomes, and manage grant funds.