Planning & Urban Design

As of October 1, 2020, Dallas Neighborhood Vitality Grant funding is no longer available. However, if your neighborhood organizations is interested in the following, please contact the City staff listed below.

Sign Toppers
John Lemon | Transportation Dept
214-670-3324 |

Community Gardens
Bob (Robert) Curry | OEQS
214-930-2122 |

Illegal Dumping
Marshall Clifton Knight
214-670-4383 |  214-670-3999 |

Sidewalk Repair
Efrain Trejo| Public Works
214-948-4127 |


Click here for a map showing 2019-2020 DNVG project locations.
Click here for a map showing 2018-2019 DNVG project locations.

The Dallas Neighborhood Vitality Grant Program (DNVG)  was created to encourage neighborhood organizations to identify and implement projects that address specific neighborhood needs while increasing resident engagement, promoting neighborhood pride, and building neighborhood organization capacity through collaborations and partnerships. Projects must serve a public purpose and provide community benefits by promoting the creation of strong, safe, and vibrant neighborhoods. The Dallas Neighborhood Vitality Grant was a refresh of the growSouth Neighborhood Challenge Grant.