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​District 10 Strategic Plan




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Year of Adoption: June 2006

Council District: 10


District 10 in Northeast Dallas, is bounded by the Dallas City Limits to the north and east, Northwest Highway to the south and U.S. Highway 75 and the White Rock Greenbelt to the west. The study area covers approximately 8,055 acres of land, about twelve and a half square miles.


The community vision statement is "to create a unique and diverse community where our citizens can enjoy the quality of small town life amid the natural beauty of hills, trees and winding creeks within a functional, beautiful, and progressive city." The goal of this plan are to strengthen Northeast Dallas communities, boost economic investment, and enhance the infrastructure within the district.


There are two focus areas in this study that provide strategic opportunities for advancing community goals, objectives and the community vision. The first focus area is the Skillman Street Corridor, a major arterial with a combination of residential, multifamily and commercial uses. The plan calls for mixed-use development at the Lake Highland DART station, and extending growth to the existing White Rock DART station, identifying multiple redevelopment opportunities in this area.

The second focus area is the Forest/LBJ/Central Triangle. The plan identifies this area for development of an Urban Neighborhood center, having established multifamily residential areas, a strong employment base, access to Forest Lane DART station, and multiple redevelopment opportunities.

Recommendations and strategies from the District 10 Strategic Plan present a common  vision for land use, zoning, economic development and infrastructure, guiding the future of Northeast Dallas.

Additional Information:

During the development of this plan, the City of Dallas began the development of  forwardDallas!  Comprehesnsive Plan. The forward Dallas! plan reflects the City's vision and is the guide for future development. The forwardDallas! plan guides land use, transportation and economic development,  decisions including District 10 goals. You can read more about the City's comprehensive plan.

The community and the City of Dallas Department of Economic Development established the Skillman Corridor Tax Increment Financing District. The TIF helps provide a funding mechanism and an opportunity to address community goals. 

Download Plan: District 10 Strategic Plan